20 March 2008



Wow, so much Clemson news has transpired since our last real post. Sometimes real life steps in and makes it hard to post, our bad.

Here's what went down in Charlotte at the ACC tournament:

Clemson coldcocked Boston College, 82-48. Their relentless defense stifled the Eagles and never let them get anything going.

Clemson snapped their 22 game losing streak to Duke by downing the Devils 78-74.

The Tigers went on to lose to UNC by a score of 81-86. The game went back and forth for a while but the Tigers couldn't quite overcome the Tarheels and lost in their first appearance in the ACC Tournament Final since 1962.

Clemson placed 2 players on the 2008 ACC All-Tournament Team: K.C. Rivers and Trevor Booker. James Mays and Cliff Hammonds made the 2nd team. Terrell McIntyre was the last Tiger to make the first team, doing so in 1998.

Some thoughts about the ACC Tournament:
- I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cringe every time Mike Hogwood was forced to mention "Shawty Get Low." The league needs to think really damned hard before they choose another "official song."
- Sticking with announcers, Jeff Capel has no business being in any profession where insight and articulation are key. I overheard someone ask "Who the hell is this mushmouthed idiot?" during the games. Plus he's a Tarheel and the last thing we need are more of those guys doing color commentary.
- Sticking with Tarheels, somethings gotta be done about the number of Carolina fans who get their grubby paws on tournament tickets. I understand that they had better odds of any team to win the whole thing, which would lead more fans to want to attend, and that they have more fans than most schools (bandwagon FTW!), but this is a conference tournament and shouldn't be a home-court advantage for one team. Fans from other schools are bound to sell their tickets after their teams bite it, but could we come to an agreement not to sell them to anybody in baby blue? By the time the final game came around, 75% of the arena was filled with a delicate mixture of Tarheel wine and cheese alumni and foothills bandwagoners rooting for the bad guys.