19 July 2007



- One of the world's best exercises in football futility, the Tommy Bowden Women's Football Camp, is set to kick-off on July 28th at 8 am. The PR gopher that rears it's ugly head once a year is basically a day camp for females from teens on up to learn the rules of football. Activities include Q&A sessions, tours of the WEZ & locker rooms, meals, lectures, and a photo op w/ Bowden. Yawn...

- Bowden also held his annual Media Golf Outing this past Tuesday. The CUAD didn't have much to say about it either. Who wins a round at Augusta, TB or Spurrier? Discuss in the comments. I'll say this, Spurrier has had plenty of practice. (*Side note - To take Bowden's defense, he's taking so much R&R because there's not much that he can do. Can't recruit and can't be at voluntary workouts.)

A Google image search of "Bowden golf" turned up this picture of professional women's golfer Natalie Gulbis. Chenqui.

- The injury bug has bitten the football team again, but fortunately for us it's got to the back-ups rather than the starters. Kavell Conner (second string WLB) and Ray Ray (third string HB) are the more important injuries. Both have had one of their knees scoped and both will be back for preseason practice. Ronnie Watson Jr. had it too but he's a scout running back. Lastly, Drew Traylor will probably redshirt as he broke his ankle back at home before reporting for second summer session. I'm more enthralled with his name rather than his injury though. Any relation to the late Ray "Big Bossman" Traylor? From the looks of it I'd say no, but he does have the size and the southern lineage.

Let's just hope he keeps to kayfabe and doesn't go clubbing teammates over the head with a nightstick.

NCAA 2008

I got my copy from the local GameStop at the midnight release this past Monday night and I literally haven't slept since. Okay, that's a lie, but the game does tend to immediately suck the life force and will to do anything out of your for a good four hours as soon as you turn it on.

A few general notes:

- HD for this game is almost a must have. It's almost like playing two different versions of the game. Not that it helps with game play really, but it does almost overload the optical nerve.

- The Campus Legend mode is probably the funnest part of the entire game.

- I'm disappointed that Jared Zabransky go the cover this year. I mean, he did lead his "struggling-to-get-over-the-non-BCS hump" team to an undefeated season as well as a BCS bowl victory over Oklahoma with style. I've always thought of the guy as kind of a goon. Post who you would have picked in the comments. Personally, I thought that Calvin Johnson was going to get it. I wanted to see Chris Leake take the cover.

- They fixed a bunch of the tackling glitches. The tackling, blocking, and game play are very realistic. However, there are a slew of new glitches with the sounds, the announcers, and even the challenges. I had a deflected pass soar into the air only to come down about ten to fifteen seconds later. Kinda reminded me from that scene in The Babe. Lastly, the game contains a bunch of drive summary pop ups that won't go away and say things akin to " P #47 Punted for a TD".

- In Campus Legend mode it doesn't allow you the options of fullback, offensive line, tight end, kicker, or punter... the last two for good reason. If you want to kick, go buy Fifa 2008.

- In dynasty, the recruiting aspect of the game has taken over and it's both awesome and time-consuming at the same time. It takes you two to three times as long to get through a week as it did last year. The plus here, it gives you more options than talking through a cup connected to a string when recruiting players.

Clemson notes:

- If you choose to be a WR on the Campus Legends mode and sign with Clemson, Cullen Harper will NEVER throw your the ball. EVER. He'd much rather throw it to James Davis even if he is out of bounds. Or get sacked. If he does choose to throw it to you, it will be too short, or too long, or right at a defender in your area. Also, Tyler Grisham might appear in the form of a bolt of lighting, jump over you, and catch your ball. This scares me. Let's hope XBox Cullen Harper and real life Cullen Harper are totally different in that area.

- Cullen is rated as an 81. Willy Korn is rated as an 81. Willy has better ratings where it counts. I guess EA wants to see Willy start over Cullen as does most of the Clemson fan base.

- They have that annoying gap of fans on the hill like in previous years. I thought they fixed this last year? Why bring the gap back?

- James Davis is rated a 91. CJ Spiller has an overall rating of 90. AWESOME. If Bowden doesn't create a Florida/Arkansas/Nebraska 94-95 hybrid of a play book with the talent he has in the backfield this year it will be a huge disappointment.

- Our defense on the game is scary good. I mean, Mike Tyson scary. Please let Electronic Arts be right about this one.