09 July 2007


- The Labor Day game has officially sold-out according to the Clemson Athletic Department website... which also states that "Clemson did have a limited number of full season ticket packages remaining." I guess that means they aren't actually sold out, as you can still buy packages with all seven home games including the FSU game. Anyways, check out ClemsonTigers.com for more info and look for the link directly beneath the gameday countdown timer in the right hand link bar.

- Clemson and Auburn have set a home & home series for 2010/2011 as per this article on the CUAD website. More than likely this will fall through as other big schools have recently pulled the same crap with us over the past few years. Even if the game does go through, we're never going to hear the end of "Oh yeah, well Clemson stole this and that from Auburn..."

- On the Tiger Baseball front, Doug Hogan is returning for his senior year which is huge cause we need to retain a power hitter like him and we could also look for his leadership as this is a constantly growing squad. Also, Kyle Bunn is set to replace Kevin O'Sullivan as pitching coach this year. O'Sullivan accepted the head coaching job at the University of Florida and we wish him the best in the SEC.

- Volunteer workouts for the football team start today around 3pm. The beginning sessions of summer saw almost 100% turn out for volunteer workouts, so lets hope for more of that this session. Apparently Coach Batson and his gang of protein shake wielding goons are going to get... err... let the team get as much as they can out of this summers workouts. Let's hope to see some leaders emerge as well.

Yeah, I can't ever imagine wanting to do mat drills under his supervision. That's a pulled-something-or-other just waiting to happen.