19 April 2007



WestZone project may resume in 08.

This phase will move all football operations currently held in the Jervey and McFadden buildings into the WestZone, as well as add a small zoo containing various breeds of tigers, a BBQ smoke pit, a world-class spa, and a holodeck. Oh, and a room full of strippers. Funny that the headline of the Greenville News article says the project could begin in 08, yet mentions that it is vastly more likely to begin in 09.

IPTAY sells out.

IPTAY has kicked long-time donors in the balls, as expected, and changed their season ticket policy to give better seats to those who give more, as opposed to the previous policy that awarded those who had continuously donated to the organization. While I understand the move and can respect it from a purely financial standpoint, Clemson has made plenty of moves lately that have been less than fan friendly (raising ticket prices, stricter parking regulations for games, keeping Bowden) and I can only hope we have a great season this year or all this shit might backfire.

Cullen Harper separates from the pack.

Harper was 15-24 with 3 TDs in the Orange & Purple game in leading the Orange team to a 35-16 victory over the Purple squad. This performance finally created some distance in what was a tight race for starting QB. Harper had the best numbers throughout the spring practice season, according to Tigernet.

Rendrick Taylor injured again.

This time it is much less severe than his broken wrist of 2005 or broken arm of last year. He tore ligaments in one of his fingers early in the Orange & Purple game and will undergo a six week rehab for the injury.

Second-team Sapp.

The heir apparent to Gaines Adams has hit some snags in the offseason and has been demoted to second string for the time being with rising senior Kwam Williams taking the first-string spot. The State article mentions that both have had moments of excellence in the offseason but Kwam has the edge for now.


Tyler to transfer

AJ Tyler, who averaged just 5.1 minutes a game in 30 games last season, is unhappy with his place on the Tiger basketball team. "I went into it expecting to be here for four years, but I realized this wasn't going to be the situation I thought it'd be," Tyler was quoted in the Charleston P&C as saying. He is expected to transfer to either Central Florida or South Florida.