25 April 2007


Mediocre Photoshop... check.

First photoshop ever. I think the picture itself paints a perfect picture of what's been extremely popular among Noles fans everywhere: Lowriders with FSU themed paint jobs.

Continuing my ongoing series, I bring you "Know Your Noles". It's a pretty cut and dry Q&A with one of the top Florida State blogs in preparation for the Labor Day match up between FSU and Clemson that is just 131 days away. The first article, done with ChantRant.com can be found here. This second edition has been brought to you by our good friend and Blogger-In-Arms NoleCC over at ScalpEm.com. Our questions for their segment of "Know Your Tigers" can be found here.

DFIG: How has the new coaching staff melded together? Any signs of struggle or trouble?

Scalp Em': I think we're still at the honeymoon stage for the coaching staff. There were two noticeable differences in this staff though. The first is that these coaches get in players' faces. No more coddling, no more hand holding, just do your job and get it done right. Personally, I like that. The second is that when Bobby Bowden was asked about the QBs, he deferred to Jimbo Fisher. That says a lot, considering it was usually Jeff Bowden deferring to his daddy.

Depending on how the season opens, this story might change, but right now things are peachy.

DFIG: Is the quarterback picture for next year any clearer?

SE: For me, yes. For everybody else, no it’s not any clearer. After watching the spring game, it became obvious that Weatherford is ahead of Xavier Lee. Noles fans everywhere just wish that Drew had XL's arm. Weatherford did a much better job of buying some time in and out of the pocket, and made very accurate throws on Jimbo's crossing routes.

Lee, on the other hand didn't look like he was ready to play. His throws were generally inaccurate, he didn't generally step up in the pocket and he just didn't look "smart" out there. If history is any indicator, Weatherford will be hitting the playbook, film and gym all summer and will be the clear cut #1 in the fall. Many Seminole fans are in Xavier's camp still, but he threw another INT that looked like the Duke pick-six in the G&G game. I just don't think he's ever going to "get it."

On a side note, I really wish we could have seen Christian Ponder work with the first team. He throws a very pretty ball.

DFIG: Right now, who is/are the single best offensive/defensive player(s).

SE: Offense - Antone Smith is light years ahead of any other running back on the depth chart. He looked strong last year, and was a better option than Lorenzo Booker. Now that he finally has his shot, free and clear from anyone more senior than him, he'll make some big plays.

Defense - Andre Fluellen is going to be a force in the middle of the line. If he doesn't wreak havoc, then everyone else on the Defensive Line will this season, thanks to Fluellen, who will draw a lot of attention from other teams.

As for the next two years... go ahead and fill Myron Rolle in as your answer.

Myron Rolle giving the ol' Deacon Jones treatment to a teammate.

DFIG: Have the pitchfork mobs subsided since last season, or is there even more bloodlust for Bobby.

SE: I think that everyone in Seminole Territory is optimistic. So, the bloodlust is gone for now. Where I think it might return is when the Noles struggle (and they will here and there) and it becomes obvious that FSU's goal this year should be an ACC Title and not an MNC. The guys that will go nuts are the overly optimistic ones saying that FSU is going to win 12 games this year. Quite frankly, that's crazy talk. 9 wins with FSU's schedule (only 5 home games) would be a huge improvement over the last 5 or 6 years.

DFIG: If Bobby has another bad year (if you can call an average year a bad year), does he hang it up?

SE: The only way he hangs it up is if his health goes, or if he wins another MNC. Otherwise, Bobby isn't going anywhere. And, contrary to the pitchfork masses’ desire, you can't get rid of the guy you name the field after. Too bad. Next time wait for him to retire before you name the field after him if you're so worried about it.

DFIG: Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel, discuss your thoughts.

SE: It's rare that a mini-series evokes an emotional response out of me. The only other one that has, is Band of Brothers. Planet Earth has been fascinating, horrifying, disgusting and beautiful, all at the same time. I enjoyed 'Shallow Seas' the most so far, but last Sunday's 'Caves' episode is a close second.

What blows my mind is how great Discovery Theater HD looks on a standard 480i Sony Wega. It'll be great to watch it again in HD someday when I have an HDTV.